Online Counselling

Online Counselling is an important lifeline to those who cannot access face-to face professional therapy.

Research shows that Online Counselling is effective and, at best, deeply transformative.

"In the latest study... the results of the trial of 200 patients in Bristol, London and Warwickshire are comparable to the results seen with face-to-face therapy" Dr David Kessler, The Lancet

I am a professionally trained therapist and I will not take on clients if I feel Online Counselling is not in your best interest. All work follows the Guidelines for Good Practice from the British Association of Counselling and Psychothrapy (BACP).

What is online counselling?

Online Counselling means access via Email, Telephone or Skype. Many counsellors offer Emails but I do not. I do offer Telephone and my preference is for counselling via a Skype video connection. I feel that video leads to a more effective connection between us.

What are the benefits?

  • Access for people who are disabled, and their carers
  • Access for those who are housebound for any reason, and carers
  • Access for those who live in a remote area
  • Unlikely to bump into one another when out and about
  • Time effective
  • Talk from the comfort of your own sofa
  • No receptionists, no waiting
  • Less daunting
  • If you relocate or travel you still have access
  • No travel costs
  • Sessions cost less


I charge £50 per session.

Some concessionary rates are available.

Please contact me by email or phone (see below) to set up an initial appointment. If you want to learn more, or you aren't familiar with Skype, here's what you'll need to do to get going.